Styling a cami dress

I talked about the many options one has when styling Cami dresses here, I decided to put to practice one of the styling options in this post.

I’mwearing a sheer top, same as the one here

I’m a sucker for clothing that can be worn in many different ways , as a matter of fact I’d rarely buy an item unless I can think of at least 3 ways to wear it off the top of my head,

Unless you’re Beyonce or Rihanna , you probably think the same way too, if you don’t , you should start now. it helps you in making the best of your wardrobe.

I think Cami dresses and basic tops are part of the most versatile pieces one  should own.

Moral of the story:


What are your thoughts on this outfit and how else do you style your dresses?. Do tell.

Dress: Jumia

Shoes: Asos

The bad feminist tee Giveaway winner is; @floxyenchantress

Send me a DM on Instagram to arrange your pickup,you have one week from now to do that.

Thank you to everyone who participated, there’s most definitely more to come.

2 thoughts on “Styling a cami dress

  1. I love the cami, especially the print it’s in. If I were to style it, I’d go for a free look or a tshirt and the cami . Footwear depends on the length of the cami but sneakers comes to mind first.


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