All black

In my opinion the best outfits are the ones that  are easiest to put together like this one



I have a love-love relationship with joggers, I tried one on in a mrp dressing room and it was love at first wear, they are so comfortable and this even more so!. I got this one from the payporte sale I talked about here.
I think the nicest part is joggers go with almost any top.. I’m serious, you really do not have to think to much with this.



I paired it with a crop top from Mr Price and my Nike air max, I promised the person who bought this everlasting love and that’s the only thing I feel right now.. Love! Lol. If I promise to love you forever after you buy me something nice ,best believe I will 😉.
scouts honour.



It was perfect for my weekend errands, super comfortable yet stylish!
And attests to the fact that you can wear your gym clothes out! Yay!!!


As always tell me what you think of this fit and if you’d wear it.. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Published by tonyeigbani

21 year old Nigerian. Writing about my personal style, fashion, beauty and life style. Book lover,wine lover,lipstick lover,love lover.

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